We recommend to our clients the following tips to get good trips and rates.

* Confirm that always purchase in officials travel agencies (with identification code). Will security professionals at your service in addition to the rights denied to illegitimate websites. Do not buy from personal websites, blogs or commercially dedicated to travel, is intrusive and a crime.

* Do not rely on flashy as 2x1 offers or discounts above 10%, they may be taking away quality service or limiting their rights to unfair terms. All travel agencies have the same price with a very small profit margin. Read conditions and don´t be fooled.

* To plan trips well in advance, ensuring every booking and fair rates.

* If time permits, travel midweek or off-peak season, avoiding the tourist season. So better return on their journey to a better quality and dedication in the service, and very good prices.

* Should not have booked well in advance, create a list of destinations where you want to travel and choose the best offer last minute offers. That will complete its schedule on several vacations and trips.

* Do not visit dangerous areas in conflict or destination if it is accompanied by specialized guides.

* Always carry your passport and identification documentation.

* If you have contracted travel insurance remember to keep all possible information about invoices, reports, complaint forms, certificates, in order to present them to the insurance company.

* When you were unhappy with the booked service , try to solve it directly with the provider (airline, hotel, rest ...).

* The price of a service contract through a travel agency, is by law equal to that offered directly by the supplier to be commissioned by the latter, but adding the expertise and security provided by travel industry professionals. Contrary to popular belief, the customer will not pay more by booking through a travel agency. Lots of times the contrary, benefits book economically most advantageous prices offered by touroperators booking centers & wholesalers.

* Get cheap flights:
1. Buy your flight as early as possible.
2. Travel to airports near the city of destination and use alternative transport modes (train, bus ...)
3. Avoid peak days. If you are not important to fly on a particular date, try different dates, fly at weekends or holiday season it is more expensive than weekdays.
4. Economy Class tickets with restrictions are always the cheapest (do not allow refunds or changes).
5. Exit travel dates on which everyone comes out expensive. A more demand, prices are more expensive. For xample out on a Friday afternoon is expensive.
6. Forget the myths, it is impossible to get last minute tickets at a good price.
7. Baggage, the fair: if it can carry all valuables in a handbag, do not hesitate to dispense with the billing of your suitcase, this may involve an extra charge of between 10 and 20€. That if, remember to find previously on the size and weight for the airline. 8. Where is the airport?: It is very important to know where it comes from and where the plane will land. The travel expenses will differ if the facilities are within miles of the city or you can reach by subway. It is worth taken into account, because what came out more expensive initially may end up being cheaper.
9. Analyze the purchase and care of the fine print: do not forget to study the breakdown of the final price during recruitment. Sometimes companies added by default and at the last moment some extra costs and travel insurance are optional.
10. Opt for a "return" for the cheapest flights and go in regular companies (except for charter flights and low cost companies that prices are set by installment)
11. Be flexible on schedule: fly early in the morning or late evening is not very appealing, but can be very helpful.
12. Low cost carriers or Low-Cost have very good prices, but careful about that, the departure times are not very good, and operate with many secondary airports (more distant destination) that raise the final price. Beware of their conditions, they can cancel flights, change of destination airport, changing schedules, it is the client who has to confirm with the company two days before the flight.